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Cedar Siding Repair and Replacement

If not properly installed and cared for cedar wood siding is susceptible to significant damages like rot, mold, and warping, as well as insects. Proper installation of cedar siding is key to achieving the best exterior for your home so this natural, durable product can shine. Investing in a professional cedar siding installation will increase your curb appeal, provide a gorgeous aesthetic, and keep your home low-maintenance.

Signs of Cedar Siding Repair or Replacement

If your cedar siding appears like any of these images below then it may be a sign of repair or replacement due to age, water damage, rotting, sun damage, or warping. EMA Construction provides cedar siding repair, replacement, and professional installation throughout Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Dry Rotted Cedar Siding Sun Exposed Cedar Siding Weatherd Cedar Siding Water Damaged Cedar Siding Water Damaged Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding Installation Tips

Hiring a professional cedar siding installation company will give your siding the greatest longevity possible, be aware of the following key installation elements:

  • Prior to installation, allow the cedar to acclimatize to the local climate you are in.
  • Prime all surfaces of the wood before installing. This helps protect the cedar from moisture penetration.
  • Use corrosion-resistant fasteners.
  • Use ring shanked nails capable of being driven close to the edges of the boards without splitting them.
  • Don’t overdrive the nails.
  • Independently fasten each piece of cedar siding.
  • Stagger butt joints.
  • Extend the life of your cedar siding by installing the rough surface out so that siding coating can apply better.

Your Local Cedar Siding Repair & Replacement Experts

Cedar siding repair and replacement in Blue Ash, OhioCedar siding repair and replacement for homeowners in Blue Ash, Ohio

EMA Construction specializes in high-quality cedar siding installation for homeowners in Anderson Township, OH & surrounding areas. Typically completing 20 to 30 cedar siding repair and installation projects a year has made us a reliable expert in the area. We offer free estimates on all of our siding installation and home improvement services. Call us at (513) 279-8362 or contact us online to find out more and get started on your siding replacement project today!